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I am a Registered Acupuncturist with over 10 years clinical experience in Australia and around the world. In this time I have gained a  lot of experience when it comes to treating a wide range of conditions. I am registered through AHPRA and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, as well as being a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association, and health fund rebates are available for my treatments. Having spent half of my professional time working around the world, I have a lot of experience working on a lot of different conditions, as well as dealing with many various causes of ill health. While treating a vast diversity of conditions, I have a strong passion for treating musculoskeletal conditions and sports medicine conditions. This includes muscle pain and stiffness, joint pain and stiffness, injuries and recovery from injuries, as well as arthritic conditions. I also have strong clinical experience with many digestive concerns, weight loss, stress conditions and also smoking cessation.

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Acupuncture: A Brief Insight

Ancient Chinese therapists believed each person to have a system within that enables its vital energy, or Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), to move throughout the entire body. This system is made up of twelve main meridians (channels) as well as two extra meridians (there is in fact eight extra meridians, but the other six are linkages within the twelve main meridians). Each of the twelve main meridians has a direct link to each of our major organs and is therefore named accordingly, for example the Lung meridian, Stomach meridian, and so on. Read more…

Acupuncture Brisbane

Over 10 years clinical experience.
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Ever wondered how Acupuncture works, or what conditions can be helped through this amazing treatment? Are you tired of just controlling the symptoms of your conditions rather than focusing on treating the root cause of the problem? Acupuncture has been scientifically proven effective for over 100 health conditions and has stood the test of time, now becoming one of the fastest growing health care systems today, with thousands of years of practical results to back it up.

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