A COVID-19 Update from Jon Rose Acupuncture

So I just wanted to reach out and let you all know the current status for the Jon Rose Acupuncture clinic.

As an AHPRA registered healthcare practitioner, I am an essential service and will continue to operate in order to support my community in whatever way I can, while also trying to provide some much needed relief for the hospitals and front line medical professionals who are currently under a lot of pressure.

Evidence has supported the use of acupuncture for a range of different conditions, including stress, anxiety and many pain conditions1. To see a list of other conditions, follow this link to my Health Concerns page.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 I am currently taking the following necessary measures:

  • I have undertaken the Government’s Infection Control Training on COVID-19 to ensure all my procedures are up to date.
  • Spacing all appointments apart by 30 minutes to have as few people as possible in the clinic at any given time. Those living in the same household will be able to have back to back appointments, or assist someone from their household to their appointment.
  • Increased cleaning of all touchable surfaces at the beginning and end of each day, between every appointment, and routinely throughout day.
  • Wearing single use gloves for every single treatment.

As a registered health practitioner who uses needles in the clinic on a daily basis, my infection control measures have always been of a very high standard, and the above measures are in addition to these.

The health and well-being of my patients is of the utmost importance to me, so I want to make sure that I maintain a safe space for you all here at Jon Rose Acupuncture. Should you have any questions or concerns about continuing your treatments, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email or mobile number which are listed below.

If you haven’t done so yet, I also ask that you please follow my Instagram and/or Facebook page, as this is where I will be posting any changes to my ability to continue to operate. The links for both of these are found at the top left of this page.

Finally, I would just like to say that I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected during these unprecedented times. Hopefully we can all move along with a speedy recovery when the time and situation permits. If you feel that an acupuncture appointment would help you get through this tense and stressful time a little easier, please do not hesitate to contact me about making an appointment, or you can do so with my online bookings here.

Take care and stay well.

Jon Rose
34 Ethel Street, Camp Hill Q 4152

E: info@jonroseacupuncture.com.au
M:0493 529 576

1. McDonald J, Janz S. The Acupuncture Evidence Project: A Comparative Literature Review (Revised edition). © Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd, 2017: http://www.acupuncture.org.au

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